Selected Client List
The Mariner's Museum
  Louisiana State Museum
The Smithsonian Institution
  The Peoples Princess Charitable Foundation
Homestead National Monument of America
  The Austin Healey Museum
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  Wheeling National Heritage Area Corporation
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  Historic Annapolis Foundation
Martha Berry College
  National Cancer Institute
  Ships of the Sea
The Jewish Children's Museum
  Historic London Town
David Lenk

Conceptual Planner

Exhibition Designer

A personal passion for history, 3-D design and story telling drives my work as a planner, content developer and interpretive designer.

With every project, I strive for the unity of content and concept. This balance is achieved through a clear understanding of client goals, content, space and visitor expectations.

My extensive fine arts training combines with over 11 years of design and fabrication experience to temper the imaginative with the practical - which guides my conceptual and design development process.

I maintain a network of detailing engineers, fabricators and specialty vendors and offer consultation services for project planning, content development, and art direction.